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SQLTool provides an easy way to run simple SQL queries against any ODBC compatible database.

Simple queries can be run by highlighting the tables or columns that you want to examine and choosing Return all rows from the menu. The contents of the selected items will then be displayed.

More complex queries can be entered either by typing them into the query field or dragging other tables or columns to the query field to have their names automatically inserted.

The results of a query can be saved to other applications as plain text, CSV or TSV files.


Sourcery has been tested on RISC OS 5.22 and 6.16.

Additional requirements

  • A compiler of some sort (eg GCC/Acorn C/C++)
  • A linker of some sort (eg link/drlink)

The following are also recommended:

  • An ALF generator of some sort (eg libfile/makealf)
  • DDEUtils module
  • A template editor (eg FormEd/TemplEd)
  • Programmers Reference Manuals



  Version Size Date Notes
Archive 0.65 123K 21-May-2016 History
Archive 0.63 105K 22-Jan-2005 History


  Version Size Date
PDF 0.63 271K 22-Jan-2005

Useful links

It may be necessary to install some or all of the following software in order for Sourcery to work on your computer:

Toolbox modules for RISC OS 3.1 and 4.x from RISC OS Ltd

Toolbox (RISC OS 5.xx)
Toolbox modules for RISC OS 5.x courtesy of AppBasic

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