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SQLite is an embeddable SQL database engine.

This is a port of version 2.8.16 of SQLite and version 3.3.6 of SQLite 3.

The engine comes in the form of a library which can be linked into your own applications. A command line tool is also supplied with each version which enables databases to be created and populated and SQL scripts run.

Note that version 2 and version 3 databases are not compatible with one another, so the correct library version must be used to access a database.

For full details of how to use the library and command line tool you are referred to the SQLite website which contains documentation, FAQs and further links.

A port of an ODBC wrapper for these libraries is available in the ODBC section of this site which allows applications to access different databases through a consistant API.

Due to the use of 64 bit integers these libraries need to be linked against a 32 bit Shared C Library or recompiled using GCC.



  Version Size Date Notes
Archive 3.3.6 839K 07-Jul-2006
Archive 2.8.16 682K 12-Nov-2005

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