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Sourcery development history

Version 1.17

  • Rebranded
  • Fix problem with ${filecontents} after restructuring change
  • Fixed long standing problem that caused build to hang

Version 1.15

  • Changed to OLESupport from RComp
  • Fixed problem when changing source type and file was not renamed

Version 1.13

  • Unset Prefix setting for GCC linker tool
  • Made sure certain commands can be run even while a project is being built

Version 1.12

  • Addressed Toolbox version issues on different branches of OS
  • Fixed problem with new installs creating incorrect default config for Find and ignore files

Version 1.11

  • Recompiled for newer hardware
  • Fixed issue with building projects in deeply nested directories
  • Limit code types according to project type
  • Fixed bug with BASIC application creation

Version 1.10

  • Added support for naming of object files
  • Fixed issue with clearing results window
  • Fixed problem running more than one child task
  • Added support for nested source directories
  • Added support for GCC 4
  • Added clean build option
  • Fixed problem deleting tools and sequences

Version 1.02

  • Fixed problem creating new tools in sub directory
  • Fixed problem with root choices windows not opening if another choices window was open
  • Fixed problem with running a sequence of compilers
  • Results window now displays correctly

Version 1.01

  • Fixed problem deleting resources if the underlying file was missing
  • Fixed problem with length of library name
  • Prevent project details being changed if a project is being built

Version 1.00

  • Corrected SDL definitions for latest version
  • Made Choices window pop to front if already open
  • Tidied up results window
  • Added ability to build dependent projects
  • Updated manual for above and removed UnixLib references

Version 0.99

  • Fixed problem exporting source code
  • Fixed problem importing projects
  • Fixed problem renaming project directory
  • Fixed another GCC dependency issue

Version 0.98

  • Fixed stupid include file related bug

Version 0.97

  • Amended definitions to support GCC modules

Version 0.96

  • Fixed long standing GCC dependency issue

Version 0.95

  • Fixed problem changing project location
  • Change GCC project types to use gcc as linker

Version 0.93

  • Fixed some minor bugs with the previous version
  • Improved multiple build object support

Version 0.91

  • Fixed some minor bugs with the previous version
  • Fixed compiler definition problem

Version 0.90

  • Add support for multiple build objects
  • Made Help and Module Obey text more cofigurable in choices
  • Fixed a problem trying to create a project that already existed
  • Automatically Boot applications when filer display opened
  • Added ability to boot or run 3rd party applications when Sourcery loads
  • Major internal reorganisation

Version 0.80

  • Enhanced import of resources directory
  • Allow BASIC files to be dragged to code window
  • Ensure projects with no linkable parts build correctly
  • Enhanced interpreted project handling
  • Added new project type to help support above
  • Speeded up loading
  • Allow use of different window background
  • Fixed some bugs introduced in previous version

Version 0.70

  • Added ability to run remote commands
  • Fixed a problem with dependency files
  • Fixed a problem renaming resource files
  • Added new example to manual

Version 0.61

  • Improved multi target ability to take header paths and libraries into account
  • Fixed a problem copying include paths and libraries
  • Allowed export of source as well as runtime files
  • Improved makefile generation

Version 0.60

  • Added ability to build multiple targets for a project
  • Added ability to handle GCC dependency files
  • Fixed a problem deleting Code types
  • Changing include paths caused projects to lose reference to them
  • Added some new compiler flags
  • Reorganised Code types to allow for GCC C type
  • Updated manual with new example

Version 0.50

  • Removed erroneous entries from generated makefiles
  • Fixed an infinite loop when building a project and trying to start another operation
  • Fixed problem where filer action window displayed garbage names for resources
  • Allowed all project types to have resources
  • Added start up progress bar
  • Output window scrolls to bottom automatically
  • Removed erroneous entries from tool sequence menus
  • Removed flicker from output window when refreshed
  • Corrected title bar text
  • Amended module definition descriptions
  • Fixed small problem with filer display
  • Fixed problem with editing source code

Version 0.41

  • Fixed problem using $(filecontents) flag which caused crash when building
  • Fixed problem generating default project flags when importing source code
  • Fixed problem exporting resource directories

Version 0.40

  • Fixed a problem with the results window on RISC OS < 4.39
  • Task output window now resizes according to how much output is generated
  • New tool variables to help support CVS and Subversion (untested)
  • Tools can now have prompts defined which must be completed before a tool can run
  • Dragging a directory to a resource window imports all files and subdirectories
  • Read only files are displayed faded
  • It is now possible to define constants for a project which can be used in tool commands
  • Amended layout of menus
  • Fixed problem with renaming resources
  • Added help as per Castle's help system
  • Implemented support for Castle's help system within Sourcery

Version 0.31

  • Missed a reference to the name Builder somewhere it shouldn't have been
  • Added ability to reset individual choices back to default

Version 0.30

  • Renamed as Sourcery and registered because Builder already taken
  • Source and resources can be exported by dragging
  • Fixed problem where building would stop halfway
  • Adjust opening works properly
  • Projects can now be renamed correctly
  • Specifying a project as a library works in all circumstances
  • Fixed dependency problem
  • Fixed a problem with renaming resource directories
  • Fixed a naming issue importing files with a / suffix
  • Fixed a problem with adding resources to newly created projects
  • Closing a Find task window whilst building would cause an error

Version 0.20

  • Implemented Adjust dragging in filer windows
  • Tidied up help file
  • Filetype field added to Codetype window
  • Template button disabled when creating new CodeType
  • Interpreted languages export source when exporting project
  • BASIC/PHP/PERL/Python compiler/codetype definitions
  • Speeded up depend file processing
  • Improved code type lookup
  • Added default choices button to general choices with warning
  • Added ~ to command
  • RISC OS 3 icons added
  • GCC compiler definition added
  • Stopped TaskWindow being closed when a task was still running
  • Implemented proper Adjust close of windows
  • Added makefile generation

Version 0.10

  • First version

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