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Docktor development history

Version 0.14

  • Ensure initial size of panels more similar
  • Fix a problem when reordering categories

Version 0.13

  • Recompiled following core changes
  • Added new version of manual

Version 0.12

  • Addressed Toolbox version issues on different branches of OS

Version 0.10

  • Recompiled for newer hardware

Version 0.06

  • Added option to allow use of small icons
  • Panels respace when applications added or removed

Version 0.05

  • Corrected !Run file

Version 0.04

  • Made Choices window wider
  • Adjusted saving of choices

Version 0.03

  • Reworded buttons in menu window
  • Added configurable threshold when approaching panels whilst dragging

Version 0.02

  • Added missing help
  • Added single click to launch option
  • Panels will now slide out when a filer drag happens nearby
  • Added a 'menu box' to cater for 'keep on top' panels
  • Fixed problem with hidden panels not appearing if another window at edge of screen
  • Made it easier to add an item to an empty category

Version 0.01

  • First release

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