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Fade development history

Version 0.94

  • Remove 512k limit on ChangeFSI to allow RISC OS 5 version to work

Version 0.93

  • Internal window change
  • Fix a problem with Choices on RISC OS 5

Version 0.92

  • Fix problem changing mode when running show

Version 0.90

  • Recompile and fix after changes to generic classes
  • Amended some labels sizes for wider fonts

Version 0.89

  • Fix to last fix

Version 0.88

  • Fix an issue where dragging an image from another application would cause a crash. All images must be dragged from disc.
  • Updated icons

Version 0.87

  • Fix some issues when using ChangeFSI
  • Addressed Toolbox version issues on different branches of OS

Version 0.86

  • Recompiled for newer hardware

Version 0.85

  • Add ability to cache thumbnails and slides
  • Fix some HTML export issues
  • Fix list of fade types in choices window
  • Fix error when using current screen mode for show
  • May have fixed error closing choices window

Version 0.81

  • Really fix issue with ChangeFSI on RISC OS 5

Version 0.80

  • Fix issue with ChangeFSI on RISC OS 5
  • Expand HTML export
  • Allow Artworks files to be used under Select
  • Add support for saving of slide highlights
  • Allow background colour of slides to be set individually
  • Import a directory of images in one go

Version 0.70

  • Changed user interface to offer better use of screen space
  • Added numerous new transitions
  • Improved existing transitions
  • Added toolbar
  • Added ability to export slideshow as HTML preview
  • Saved slideshows have a directory icon to show they belong to Fade
  • Slideshows can now be double clicked to load
  • Most choices can now be applied on a per slideshow basis
  • Implemented proper drag and drop within slideshows

Version 0.68

  • Fixed stupid problem with RISC OS 6 AIF checking

Version 0.67

  • Ensured that when dragging multiple files to a Fade window they are loaded in the correct order

Version 0.66

  • Corrected hourglass for lengthy tasks

Version 0.65

  • Allow fade details to be set for multiple pictures at once
  • Vastly improved speed of most transitions on newer hardware
  • Removed unneccessary reference to ChangeFSI when using ImageFileRender
  • Fixed bug in !Run file
  • Improved GUI and added hourglass for lengthy tasks
  • Saved Fade directories can now be imported by dragging to window

Version 0.60

  • Uses ImageFileRender if present
  • Added support for Castle's help system

Version 0.59

  • New memory management
  • 26/32 bit neutral
  • Amended internals

Version 0.58

  • Added new help and manual

Version 0.56

  • Open in the picture details window will now correctly open a picture
  • Removed 256 slide limit
  • Double clicking adjust on a picture opens the relevant editor
  • Change pasting method to mouse click at required position
  • Windows don't lose the input focus after pasting or inserting a new slide

Version 0.55

  • Fixed locked aspect Drawfiles in rectangular pixel modes (not sprites though)

Version 0.54

  • Added facility to specify old style mode number

Version 0.53

  • Allowed user to choose screen mode to run slideshow in
  • Allowed user to specify whether picture files are copied on save
  • Fixed a segmentation violation when switching windows
  • Implemented scroll up and scroll down fades
  • Allowed bitmap pictures to have aspect ratio locked
  • Removed mouse pointer when running slideshow
  • Lowered WimpSlot from 96k to 80k

Version 0.52

  • Fixed incorrect Toolbox version number
  • Corrected web button link

Version 0.51

  • Fixed problem with Cut/Copy/etc being available at wrong time

Version 0.50

  • Almost totally rewritten version with new fades and better internals

Version 0.02

  • First release

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