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SampleEd development history

Version 0.70

  • Switch to DiskSample for playback
  • Package LADSPAMan with SampleEd to make installation easier
  • Fix bug setting and redrawing loop

Version 0.69

  • Fix a problem where event handlers could be left active

Version 0.68

  • Attempt to prevent problem with sound system locking application

Version 0.67

  • Addressed a long standing playback problem
  • Changed waveform rendering to use Draw. Offers anti-aliasing if SpecialFX is loaded
  • Fixed a problem with volume slider interacting with sample selection

Version 0.66

  • Recompiled for newer hardware
  • Addressed Toolbox version issues on different branches of OS

Version 0.60

  • Now requires 32 bit C library to support 64 bit integers
  • Added ability to resample when changing sample rate
  • Scaling improved to zoom from 1% to 10000%
  • Fixed minor playback issue
  • Fixed file loading bug
  • Optimised window redraw
  • Drivers updated to invoke LAME to encode/decode MP3s

Version 0.55

  • Fixed some cache related bugs
  • Fixed some playback bugs
  • Change UI for stereo slider to be clearer
  • Improved Save dialog to remember subtype when saving
  • Added crop option to blank either side of a highlighted area
  • Added ability to select to end or beginning of a channel
  • Provide option to force loading of unknown file types usin6 the specifie options
  • Attempted some more speed optimisations
  • Updated drivers

Version 0.50

  • Further speeded up loading of files
  • Added ability to save selection
  • Improved error handling
  • Fixed LADSPA plugin problems
  • Added ability to play either side of highlighted area
  • Improved playback indicator
  • Fixed stupid bugs introduced in previous version

Version 0.45

  • Speeded up loading of files
  • Improved handling of large files

Version 0.40

  • Switched to Digital Renderer for playback
  • Able to play more than 2 channels
  • Uses ExprEval library for equations
  • Equations and Harmonics now generate the correct tone for the specified frequency (I hope!)
  • Added independent volume and stereo control for each channel
  • Multichannel samples can now be downmixed when they are saved

Version 0.30

  • Added ability to import a sample directly into an existing sample
  • Fixed problem generating large equations
  • Added ability to rescan drivers and plugins
  • Added driver management window
  • Added paste options to Choices window
  • Improved Harmonics window
  • Restructured plugin menu
  • Added ability to play highlighted area only
  • Enhanced methods of highlighting areas of a sample

Version 0.20

  • Unreleased

Version 0.11

  • First release

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