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An easy to use replacement for the Acorn make tool supplied with the Acorn C/C++ development system.

Like make, Sourcery will manage the source code that makes up a project but unlike make it will also manage the various resources files that are required to produce a RISC OS application. These include Sprite, Message and Template files.

Sourcery does not try and tie the developer to one set of tools or compilers. Instead, it aims to use whatever the developer wants to use, be it the Acorn C/C++ tools, GCC or any other language including compiled and interpreted languages.

To this end, Sourcery allows the developer to define the tools that will be used to build their project and to define common project types such as RISC OS applications, modules, libraries or any other kind of project you can think of.

Some of the features that Sourcery offers include:

  • Filer like display of source and resource files
  • Resource template files
  • Ability to chain tools together. eg link followed by squeeze
  • Create definitions for any compiler or tool
  • Auto generation of !Run file module dependencies
  • Auto generation of make files
  • Support for CVS and Subversion

At the bottom of this page are a number of links to commonly development resources that might be useful when developing with Sourcery. Please note this list is not exhaustive.

Sourcery uses some icons from the Tango Desktop project.

OLESupport module is copyright (c) R-Comp, and included with permission.


Sourcery has been tested on RISC OS 5.22 and 6.16.

Additional requirements

  • A compiler of some sort (eg GCC/Acorn C/C++)
  • A linker of some sort (eg link/drlink)

The following are also recommended:

  • An ALF generator of some sort (eg libfile/makealf)
  • DDEUtils module
  • A template editor (eg FormEd/TemplEd)
  • Programmers Reference Manuals



  Version Size Date Notes
Archive 1.17 659K 23-Apr-2016 History
Archive 1.15 674K 13-Oct-2012 History


  Version Size Date
PDF 1.12 2Mb 18-Aug-2012

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Development resources

The following links may be useful when developing software on RISC OS:

Acorn C/C++
The C/C++ compiler suite originally from Acorn. Now developed by RISC OS Open.

GCC compiler and tools
GCC compiler and tools. A free alternative to the above

Attempts to provides a full implementation of all Unix library calls. The default library for GCC

An API library giving easy, efficient and type safe access to all RISC OS SWI calls.

A library to aid in the creation of RISC OS applications.

A desktop debugging tool.
A useful resource when programming on RISC OS.

Useful links

It may be necessary to install some or all of the following software in order for Sourcery to work on your computer:

Toolbox modules for RISC OS 3.1 and 4.x from RISC OS Ltd

Toolbox (RISC OS 5.xx)
Toolbox modules for RISC OS 5.x courtesy of AppBasic

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