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SampleEd is a sound sample editor which supports a wide range of different sample formats and a variety of different processing effects which can be expanded through extra plugins.

Additionally, SampleEd is a disk based editor so it is not limited by the amount of memory that is present.

SampleEd supports the LADSPA plugin architecture so third party effects and filters can be added easily to the main application. There are a wide range of different plugins available for this architecture.

Plugins are also used to provide the import and export capabilities of SampleEd which gives it the ability to support a wide range of different sample formats thanks to the libsndfile library. The latest version can also invoke LAME if it is installed to save and load MP3 files.

Some of the built in features that SampleEd provides are as follows:

  • Disk based editing - unlimited by available memory
  • Cut, copy and paste areas of a sample
  • Up to 32 channels supported
  • Effects including echo, reverse, fade and amplify

Some LADSPA plugins are available elsewhere on this site.

SampleEd requires a fast machine for certain operations such as running some plugins and importing some types of sample. This is due to using code that has been ported from a system where hardware floating point operations are assumed to be present.

As of version 0.40 and above, SampleEd uses the ExprEval evaluation library when equating equations.

From version 0.70 onwards, SampleEd uses Disk Sample to provide sample playback.

The source code for the import and export drivers that SampleEd used is available at the base of this page to comply with the requirements contained in the libsndfilelibrary.

Due to the fact that libsndfile now requires 64 bit integers this application requires a 32 bit Shared C Library. RISC OS 5 and RISC OS 6 users already have a suitable library installed.



  Version Size Date Notes
Archive 0.70 1Mb 01-Dec-2012 History

SampleEd driver source

  Version Size Date Notes
Archive 0.50 18K 17-Jul-2007 Changed to invoke LAME for MP3 loading/saving.


  Version Size Date
PDF 0.60 1Mb 17-Jul-2007

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Useful links

It may be necessary to install some or all of the following software in order for Sourcery to work on your computer:

Toolbox modules for RISC OS 3.1 and 4.x from RISC OS Ltd

Toolbox (RISC OS 5.xx)
Toolbox modules for RISC OS 5.x courtesy of AppBasic

Digital Renderer
Digital Renderer playback module which is part of the Shared Unix Library for versions prior to 0.70.

LAME encoder/decoder.

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